Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 15, Monday August 19th- Independence Day

Today was a national no schools or government business were in session, small shops maybe...people celebrated their country's Independence ...with both outside and indoor activities...for Scott and I , it was business as usually with mandatory morning training.... then we stayed inside of our guesthouse the rest of the day just catching up on our own personal businesses on our computers from back home...we had a nice meal/dinner/conversation with the rest of the guesthouse guests that included both Scott & I, Frank and Shoab (who was born in Afghanistan originally, moved to Canada, but had to come here on business for a few weeks )

Just warming up, review of some of the techniques they have learned the past week or so

deck pull-outs

back to back leg kicking drills

gotta get the legs stronger


talking about the importance of conditioning, getting in shape, learning proper techniques

getting ready for a fun drill

and more swimming

more grinders


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