Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 10, Wednesday August 14th - Morning Show/ US Embassy

This morning Scott got invited for a 7am live morning talk show with Tolo TV, kind of like good morning America, it was very cool for him, I think his segment lasted about 30 minutes or so, we saw him on TV later on at night, but many locals noticed him right away, especially our guesthouse workers who were star-strucked when they saw Scott walk into the door...a new celebrity comes in .... meanwhile I was at the pool training the athletes for a regular low key practice, still working on basic fundamentals.....

later on in the day, Scott and I took a cab and met Frank at his work, and the three of us went to the US Embassy ...high security, it was like a compound, really big .... we were not allowed to take any pictures, and I am not allowed to talk about too much that went on, its like top secret stuff..... our main interest was to talk to someone in cultural affairs about our program and see if we can get support and possible funding....there is some interest, especially if we can try to implement a program for females .....  we were fed too, that was really nice, we met one of Frank's friends who worked there ( I am not sure if I am allowed to mention his name ), it was nice to eat some American food again ... as you can imagine, I probably pigged out, to say the least....

It was also nice driving around town a little different side of Kabul, Frank also pointed out to us some of the buildings that were bombed and destroyed in the past year or so, and how quickly construction re-build everything....

not too many pictures today because nobody was at the pool to take them, nothing allowed at the embassy, and Scott hasn't gotten a copy of the show from Tolo TV.... so below is some images that Scott &  I had taken in previous days and just didn't post them

our bedroom closet at the guesthouse

living room & dining room

view of our backyard


downstairs from our guesthouse, meeting area

rose garden

typical morning breakfast

good stuff

an old castle on top of that hill dating back at least 1500 years ago

courtyard of the babur gardens

Scott overlooking a merchant souvenir dealer


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