Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 14, Sunday August 18th- WP Training & playing night baskeball @ the olympic complex

teaching how to protect the ball and passing under pressure

teaching backside hook and turn

teaching inside hook and turn with a defender

3 group stations...wall throws, group passing/receiving under pressure, and 25 yard sprints

talking about their attitude and behavior and probably yelling at them for laziness maybe

explaining a fun game, tough- man drill...good way to end practice

Scott & I inside the gymnasium at the Olympic park complex that was build probably about 50 years ago

these guys call too many ticky tak fouls

I am with the ball up top, about to fake one way and go the other way, take the lane to the hoop...but knowing me, I will pass it off first

Samim on the right and his brother on the left who drove us ... they do not play I guess

Tamim is on the low post, #7 light blue jersey...he was a national team basketball player before he converted to water polo

they are playing organized team handball at the other end of the gym.... dryland water polo

scott (in the black Nike tank top) and I are bitter because the other team constantly travels, fouls, throw offensive...and they never get called for it....but the slightest thing we do, they call it against us...is this what you call home court advantage ?



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