Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 12, Friday Auguat 15th- Day Off,....Picnic at Qargha Reservoir on the outskirts of town

Fridays are like Sundays back home, a day off, spend time outdoors with family and friends, relax, maybe some religious type practices too ... so we did not have any organized team practice, instead we went with a bunch of the players to a lake/reservoir on the outskirts of town, called Qargha...very nice...we went through the countryside first, took some nice pictures, then found an organized picnic area and had a relaxed time talking, eating, taking pictures and enjoying the scenery

driving past a group of people playing Cricket

two little girls walking along the side of the road together

livestock roaming freely

and old old castle wall of some royalty people, the open plain is private,  nicely manicured

overlooking the countryside, plains, little village made of clay huts and walls buildings, the some greenery , forest, and the mountains in the far view

OK, we are here at Qargha ... view of the lake at the side of the road, some hotels too on the other side

some people like to drive their cars up to the edge of the water

driving through a small village with local kids and livestock

local kids

 nice manicured farm fields

Wares is our driver for the day, like everyone else he has a Toyota Corrola

gate entrance of the park

view of golf course, its half green and half dirt right now

sitting at the side of a bridge with the view behind us

showing the guys of the possibility of a beach water polo course, still warm water...Navid's family owns a vacation house on the other side of the lake

another nice view

but seriously looking at the future possibilities, all the players stay at  Navid's vacation house, we set up beach course...warm up from one side of the lake to another...

hard boiled egg fight, I guess its a tradition

local kids have to earn their wages

we rented out a big picnic/covered area with a great chairs

some of the guys wearing their traditional Afghan dresses
an amusement park on the other side of the lake, entry with hoarse only

nice view

Tamim cuts open a melon and scoops out the seeds

lunch, chicken...kind of like hot wings ...eating with our hands...

enjoying more melon after our meal

Tamim splits open a watermelon

view of the smaller huts/picnic areas

our waiter

road side, Scott overlooking an ad billboard


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