Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 22, Monday August 26th- Qasem Hamidi's return from China with swimmers Hamed & Ibrahim

Day 21, Sunday August 25th- checking out the new indoor water park being built in Kabul

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 20, Saturday August 24th- great morning practice...scott on another morning show

Day 19, Friday August 23rd- US Embassy, ISAF, USAID...Bazaar

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 18, Thursday August 22nd- Adv. Training/Video & tour of old town, Tourquise Mountain, "Chicken St.", & other sites

Day 17, Wednesday August 21st- Adv. Training & Dinner @ Blue Flame Restaurant w/ owner

Day 16, Tuesday August 20th- Kabul Museum & Hang Out with Harris

Training was normal today...nothing special except we are staring to do some more controlled scrimmages for more real like game situational points to teach.... I brought some CD disks of some video for the players to watch on a laptop...some international games and such... also quizzing the players on some of the more famous big names in water players and coaches and most successful countries...Wares (one of our players) seems to be doing his homework and asks me for more big names each day... not a lot of opp for training pictures today, but maybe tomorrow

later on today, like around 10am or so... Harris (our translator friend who just got his US Visa and will be going off to college next week in th eUSA...he will be attending State University of New York at Platsburg) came and picked us up to just hang out..we drove to the Darlamon area, old presidential palace, and also went to the Kabul Museum, also check out the garden in the back and also some antique old cars ...later on we treated Harris for Lunch at the Rose Restaurant ...we shared Shawarma, Lamb Kabob and Supreme Chicken Burger...also local rice, and Fanta Orange drink...(did not take pictures here, sorry)