Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 2, Tuesday August 6th- Still Flying

I am in the air on the second day, flying with Qatar Airways going to Doha...the seats are better, more leg room, good looking flight attendants that were super nice .... I didn't have to pay for extra meals or to watch TV or listen to the audio sets ...all included .... Qatar Airline coach or economy class looks like American business class .... it seems like they were trying to feed us every few hours..

Its about a 14 hour flight to Doha, everything went so quickly, I finally slept well, lots of Arabic language both written and spoken that I did not understand but the flight attendants all spoke perfect English so that was helpful.OK, ready for this one ? So we land in Doha, I have 30 minutes before my next flight to Dubai, and guess what ? You got it, I wasn't allowed on again...baggage check even though I was promised by the United guy in DC who hooked me up with Qatar Airlines, he said my bags were going straight to Dubai, well the Qatar airlines person at the gate in Doha said that it would take time to transport from one airline to another and that it is an international law , and that I would have to wait at least 1 hour or more before the next flight to Dubai which was frequent. It is like 630pm already in Doha...I had a few hours to just chill in the Airport....they spent a lot of money on this airport, very modern, better than American airports, they even had a Mosque inside for those that wanted to pray. My flight to Dubai was also with Qatar Airways .... It was short, I got another nice seat.

 Landed in Dubai about 10pm, customs/immigration took about an hour or so to get through...Got to the ground transportation at about 11pm or so, waited in line, there were all male and all female taxi caps, women can not mix with men I guess in Taxi caps .... some guy in a black suit asked me if I wanted to go with him to my hotel, he was a cab, but his very nice luxury Lexus was not labeled, I was afraid he was going to kidnap me, but whatever....I told him I was going to Carlton Towers Hotel, he took me and only charged me $20 for a 15 minute ride..

At about 11:30pm, I met Scott Caruso for the first time in person at our hotel room, I got a chance to settle, we had some Perroni Beer, then at midnight we cruised the streets of Dubai, looking for whatever....we found a night café/restaurant ... we ate ...I had the rack of lambs and he had some mixed kabob... we had salad and soup bar, had some nan (bread) with hummus , and tea ....we walked around  too some pictures after midnight, i will update you on that on my next blog post


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